General questions
  • What is Gold Rock Financial Services?

    Gold Rock Financial Services is an international top-class asset management company that provides a wide range of financial services in the field of trading on the stock market and cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as engaged in quantum trading with elements of asset trust management and capital management for individuals and legal entities. The company also invests in promising projects, venture funds and startups.

  • Where is Gold Rock Financial Services registered?
    The main office of the Gold Rock Financial Services management company is located in Canada. Gold Rock Financial Services is officially registered in Canada The company is strictly controlled by the state security authorities and is supervised by financial regulators. Details of official registration are available at https://goldrockfinanceltd.com Gold Rock Financial Services strictly adheres to all necessary security standards, paying special attention to the safety of investors' funds. The authorized capital of the company is $ 700,000,000, which confirms the solid foundation of the business. You can find our company in the registry under registered number # 928867-8on this website https://www.canada.ca/
  • When was Gold Rock Financial Services founded?
    The company was founded in May 2015. The company officially launched its international activities on May, 2015, when it received all official documents from the Canadian government to provide financial activities on the global stage with a wide range of financial services.
  • Is it safe to trust Gold Rock Financial Services funds?
    Gold Rock Financial Services is an official company registered in Canada that represents the highest standards of quality and management of cryptocurrencies. Our traders are people who manage large financial resources and carry out professional trading on exchanges with maximum profit. Their experience allows for full diversification, and the company's financial liquidity provides guaranteed payments of daily profits on a long-term, risk-free basis.
  • Does Gold Rock Financial Services have documents?
    Of course, for the implementation of international trading activities, Gold Rock Financial Services has all the necessary documentation, licenses and permits to provide a wide range of financial services around the world. You can find the company's documents in the "About us" tab or upon request on the company's support on website
  • What countries do you work in?
    Gold Rock Financial Services is an international platform, the user of which can be any citizen of any country who has reached the age of majority.
  • Does the company pay taxes and insurance fees?
    Yes, Gold Rock Financial Services is a valid taxpayer in Canada and is strictly controlled by Canadian and international law.
  • Is KYC verification required?

    We do not require investors and partners to pass KYC verification. This is not necessary

    KYC is a banking regulation term for financial institutions and the dissemination of personal data about our partners.

    We work with cryptocurrency, and our traders work on many cryptocurrency exchanges and personally pass KYC verification, only on those exchanges where they trade and bring profit to the company and our partners. But we do not need to request personal data and documents from our partners, since they personally do not conduct any trading operations on the exchanges.

    Since our company is an official taxpayer, we cover all taxes from profits personally, from the profits that we receive on exchanges for financial control and supervision of securities and security commissions.

    Cryptocurrency is completely decentralized for us and all data about our partners is strictly confidential.

    In the future, when we launch a trading school and modernize our trading platform for trading, we may introduce KYC, only for those partners who will personally conduct trading operations on our platform and generate additional profit.

  • What are the risks involved in investing in your company?
    All risks of our company are minimized. Our professional traders operate with unique trading strategies and our financial analyst department makes forecasts of the future behavior of the market and certain currency pairs. Thanks to a thorough analysis, we can see the correction of the cryptocurrency market in advance and, thanks to this, earn money both on the growth of the cryptocurrency market and on the fall.
  • How many employees work at Gold Rock Financial Services?
    The main staff of the company at the time of registration is 375 employees
Technical questions
  • How to sign up on Gold Rock Financial Services?
    To start investing and using the full set of tools on our company, you need to create an account on Gold Rock Financial Services. This process is very quick and easy. How do you do it? Go to https://goldrockfinanceltd.com/?a=signup. or click “Sign Up” in the top right corner of the website. Enter your username, email address ,country,phone and come up with a password. You will receive a letter asking you to confirm the registration. Don’t forget to read the terms of use. Click the “Create account” button. That’s all! We recommend activating 2FA to add extra protection to your account. If you have signed up using a referral link, it will be automatically linked to your account (if it’s not, you can do it yourself). Enjoy all the benefits of the company and earn today!
  • How to login to your account?
    The “Sign In” button is located in the top right corner of the website. Click it and you will be redirected to the login page. Make sure you are using https://goldrockfinanceltd.com Enter your email address or username and password. If you have 2FA activated, enter the code as well and click “Sign In”. That’s all! You will be automatically redirected to the Main account page.
  • How many balances are in Gold Rock Financial Services?

    When you sign up on Gold Rock Financial Services, you’ll have 7 types of Balances:

    • USDT(TRC20)

    • BTC

    • BTC

    • ETH

    • LTC

    • BNB

    • PM

    There are 7 types of Balances for extra security and convenience. You can transfer your funds back and forth at any time.

    There are 7 types of Balances for extra security and convenience. You can transfer your funds back and forth at any time.
  • How secure is my personal data?

    All data stored on our servers remains protected with special unique encryption technology and is not shared with third parties.

  • Can I create multiple accounts using the same email address?

    No, this is technically prohibited by the system.

    You can create an account for family members with other data and other email

  • How can I change my account information?

    After logging in, you can open the settings page to change your account details.

    For security reasons, we do not allow users to change their email address and username. If you would like to change them, please contact our support team.

  • How can I change my wallet?

    In your personal account, in the "Profile" section, go to the "Account settings" tab. Here you can make changes to your payment information, which can only be saved using a special code that will be sent to your email

  • How to change my password?

    We recommend changing your password as often as possible and keeping it out of the reach of others.

    To change your password, click the Account icon in the upper right corner of the platform and select “Settings” in the drop-down list. Then click the "Change password".

    Enter your old password, pick a new one, and fill in all the required fields. After that, click “Save changes”

  • What if I forgot my password?

    To reset your password, use the “Forgot password” button when entering your account. What to do next?

    • Enter the email address that was used to create your account on Gold Rock Financial Services.

    • You will receive a letter asking you to confirm the password change.

    • Open it and click the link to change your password.

    • Create a new strong password and enter it.

    That’s it!

    We recommend activating 2FA to add extra protection to your account.

  • I didnt receive my referral bonus, what should I do?

    It's impossible. There are several reasons why this could happen.

    a. Your partner registered without your referral code and without a referral link

    b. You don't have the highest status on the team

Financial questions
  • How can I invest with Gold Rock Financial Services?

    To make a investment you must first register. Then you must login to your account using your username and password. All deposits must be made through the “Open deposit” section in your account

  • Does the company have compound interest deposit plans?

    We do not consider compounding and compound interest due to the fact that our traders work with the total amount of capital on the exchanges and use different trading strategies to make a profit.

    We invest in different directions of the market and operate with capital in different directions, which depend on the behavior of the market.

    Therefore, now our partners can reinvest profits and open new deposit plans. Now the company's rules allow you to have an unlimited number of deposit plans at the same time

  • What is referral link?

    It's a link which you can share with your friend and get a referral bonus if he decides to invest.

    You can find your referral link in your account

  • How is profit calculated?

    The partner receives profit at the same time that you opened a deposit, after the traders of our company conduct trading operations on the exchanges.

    The main capital of the deposit is paid at the end of the term after the expiration of the deposit period.

    After completion of the deposit portfolio, your funds will be available for reinvestment or withdrawal to your e-wallet.

    CRYPTO deposit plans do not provide an opportunity to receive the main capital at the end of the deposit term

  • How can I withdraw my funds?

    Login to your account using your username and password and go to the "Withdraw funds" section.

    In order to withdraw funds, you need to specify your wallet address in the account settings to which your funds will be credited.

  • When I submit a withdrawal request, how quickly will the funds arrive in my wallet?

    The system works automatically

    All withdrawal requests are processed automatically

    According to the company's regulations, withdrawals to your wallet can take up to a maximum of 48 hours, from Monday to Friday

  • Do I need a deposit to participate in the affiliate program?
    Yes, to participate in the affiliate program you must have an active deposit for any amount from $50
  • How can I deposit and withdraw funds from Gold Rock Financial Services?

    You can use in our company such payment systems as Bitcoin, Ethereum(ERC20), Litecoin, Solana, Tether TRC20, Tether ERC20, Tether (USDC, DAI, LINK), Tron , Binance BEP-20

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount from the account?

    You can withdraw any amount from your balance

  • Are there any withdrawal fees?

    Our company does not charge any additional fees, hidden fees or other payments that may reduce the amount of withdrawal of partners funds from Gold Rock Financial Services

    All our partners receive net profit, which they see on their Gold Rock Financial Services account and can dispose of these funds without restrictions and limits.

    Gold Rock Financial Services has a minimum transaction processing and withdrawal threshold for investors who are assigned by Blockchain and other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Affiliate questions
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes, we offer our partners 5% three level affiliate program.
  • How to benefit from the affiliate program?
    To start earning from our affiliate program you need to find your affiliate link in your personal cabinet in “Partnership” section. Promote this link to attract new clients and to receive referral commission from their earnings.
  • Do I need to have a deposit to start attracting partners?
    Yes, you need to have an active deposit of any amount in order to start receiving commission from your referrals.
  • Do you have Promo Materials?
    Yes, you can find promo materials in “Promo” section in your personal cabinet.
  • How is my referral commission credited?
    Your referral commission is credited to your balance in personal cabinet as soon as your referral makes a deposit.